"These Aerial Systems were a force multiplier

for our event."  

Assistant Police Chief Joseph Moore, Hollydazzle

Daily Press

 The aerial camera systems helped police determine if and when they need to deploy officers to a particular event location. Eighty officers manned the evening holiday festival attended by 30,000 people.

"Without these cameras... in such a crowd

it's hard to see 10 feet out."

Throughout this site we proudly feature our 
services to Clemson University to give you a better understanding of an AdAir Services deployment. 

We've built our reputation on excellence in innovation and quality of service with a constant focus on serving our customers unique needs.

We'll deliver what you need

Your event is too important not use the latest technology.  We listen to your needs and provide the best approach and innovative solutions.

We know innovation

The AdAir difference, in one word, is experience.

Our systems and services include experienced 

people who assure you receive what you need.

We're not just a Service Provider, we're your partner

Event and venue needs fluctuate, grow, and evolve in ways you may or may not be able to anticipate. We can help create not just a solution, but a logistics strategy that will be a "force multiplier"... basically increasing your options with  innovative solutions.  Stay ahead of the crowd and the constantly changing environment with AdAir.


We have a small footprint and an extreme line of sight.

why choose us?

SkyLoft System  

This system with HD imagery and video and stabilization is just one of the AdAir solutions.

It can be branded for your event or sponsors.

The desire to merge Aerospace, Military, Special Event and 
Broadcast industry insights into innovative solutions has 
positioned AdAir to be an industry leader.  

The development of new technologies that are both proven and ground breaking in combination with Award-winning industry professionals has resulted in our goal and corporate mission to meet your needs with:


Innovation. Excellence. Ease.

We welcome the opportunity to simplify your logistics, provide stunning imagery and

truly useful analytics. 

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