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Extreme Line of Sight 

Copyright AdAir 2014

Copyright AdAir 2014

Copyright AdAir 2014

Just one of the AdAir Systems.

Copyright AdAir 2014

Entertainment Systems

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In 2014  BOSH Technologies and AdAir announced their partnership at Clemson University to assure the best in aerial and image solutions with an eye to the future could be developed and delivered.

 All AdAir Systems can be linked to your event via secure web access or with a direct connection to broadcast, jumbotrons, event Security, Police, Fire and Rescue or communication centers.

 AdAir Systems feature proprietary  live “See and zoom” with real-time record , stabilization and control for forensic, marketing and broadcast imagery.  

Many AdAir systems  can be branded for special events, venues or sponsors.  

For a more comprehensive look at AdAir Imagery and other Entertainment systems not featured on this website contact us today.  Some of our patented innovations  are confidential and available  for your event.

Ground Station

AdAir Ground Station features state of the art Monitoring & Stabilization, 
Camera Control, Broadcast, Event Display Control & Analytic Gathering Systems. The AdAir Ground Station also features a Weather Station, Satellite Connectivity, Internet Access and Remote Access of camera feed information.


“A Great combination of Entertainment

and Intelligence that will change the 

future of large events.”

Know what connects with your audience and

when they noticed with AdAir Analytics.

Height:  63 Feet  360 degree HD View / Record 
SkyLoft can be attached to a vehicle for mobile 
operations and can also be configured as a 
Hotspot location.

This system also features an AdAir proprietary 
HD or EO/IR Camera system and stabilization for analytics,surveillance, documentation or broadcast.    

AdAir Analytics Packages
Extreme camera systems allow for amazing analytics.  Know how your crowd is interacting with your advertising. Add value for your advertisers with impressive analytics that reveal critical moments in brand exposure.  This proprietary technology and service is customized for each client.  

Our Specialties also  include

Occulus 1st person image and

videos with sound are also

available for the ultimate

event and Social Media


Learn more about our

​Proprietary Systems

Advanced Camera Systems
Mobile, unique location
HD Video and Still Imagery
are AdAir Specialties.   

AdAir features 360  panoramic

views and the option of more

than 1 billion pixels in a

single image.   MORE



 SkyNet Sunspot provides
a sustained 360 degree aerial view

of your event or venue from up to 

500 feet.

The AdAir HD proprietary camera

and stabilization systems feature advanced zoom and extreme stabilization for broadcast imagery, crowd control, security, parking management and enhanced traffic information and analytics.


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Extreme Line of Sight