"In SwivelVRwe have created a technology that solves the monetizing challenge for live and recorded event producers, advertisers and sponsors who want to incorporate a Virtual content experience world wide. Our new proprietary Technology developments not only make Virtual Presence at live events affordable for event producers and their customers, it furthers our commitment to growing AdAir as a powerful force of innovation that is building the customer-centric platforms and solutions that current interactive technology and the future will require.”  

                                  -Bob Fitzgerald, President and CEO, AdAir

                                                              Collision Conference

                                                                      New Orleans, May 2017


In celebration of our New Office in Las Vegas,  AdAir , VP-360 was a featured technology exhibit and panelist at XLive Las Vegas.  Our interactive, interface works with any device an provides the solution for monetizing and assuring a great, hands-free, customer experience.

Press Release 

 - You control your experience. 

Stay connected with amazing hands free social media enhancements, personalized effects and Live bragging rights interface.


Don't Just Watch VR.  Experience It.

Interact & Be Virtually Present.

"I have never seen anything like this! This is amazing!"

                               Sara,  After watching SwivelVR at LasVegas XLive