Live and Pre-Recorded 360 3D & 2D Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Production.  This systems features a Proprietary Interface that allows your viewer to use any device and navigate hands free through your event, social media, merchandise and more. We know how to monetize and add brand . sponsor value to your event....REAINNOVATION

Virtual & Augmented reality 360 3D & 2D INTERACTIVE systems

Powerful camera & Aerial Systems

Imaging services

We come to you and work with your budget.  That's part of our innovative customer service business model.


We bring our new patented technologies and solutions to your event.   

Our services are specifically designed around your needs and budget.

With AdAir your event will always be on the frontline of innovation.

Contact us  today and reserve your event dates.

Impressive Visual Analytics

& Event Forensics

Don't Just Watch VR.  Experience It.  

We are an Award-Winning Team with more than 25 years of Aerospace, Broadcast , Military and Special Event Industry experience. We are confident, experienced and committed to simplifying and improving

your event experience, visuals and logistics.

All AdAir SYSTEMS feature an extreme line of site and a very small Earth friendly footprint.

A Great combination of intellignece and entertainment that is changing the future of large events.  AdAir's  team of Award-winning creative innovators has combined technologies from several unique industries to provide amazing optics and stabilization for aerial and ground based systems....SERVICES

Innovation. Excellence. Ease.

Some of the customized & Propritary services we offer include:

We come to you.  Each and every system deployment is uniquely designed for the specific needs of our clients.  Useful and Powerful analytics and 3D Live Modeling can make the difference when it comes to event management, planning, sponsorship and

Advertising....KNOW YOUR EVENT

Virtual Reality 360 3D & 2D
​Interactive Virtual Augmentation  AR
Unique Branding and Interactive Client Solutions
VR Marketplace for hands free Interaction and Purchases
VR & AR Production Services - Beyond the Camera to the Customer
Virtual Ticketing

Propritary Multi Camera VR  interraction & App
​Live Streaming & Post Event Production and Streaming
Live & ​Post Event Patron Interaction

And MORE>>>

Aerial Imagery, Video Security, Parking and Traffic Monitoring & Solutions 
Stabilized HD Aerial Video Services
Remote Viewing of Event Logistics
Stabilized Aerial HD& EO/IR Video Services
Our aerial Services are FAA approved for up to 500’.
Ground Station Command Center Services featuring
Satellite Internet, HD Monitoring and Weather Systems  
Extreme HD Event Sill Imagery
Panoramic HD “Billion Pixel” Still Imagery 
Occulus Visuals and Audio
Empowering Analytics